By Kim Peiffer
Updated Apr 09, 2015 @ 1:50 pm
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Few things in life can surpass the greatness that is Madonna—with the exception of more brilliance from Madge herself, that is. In her just-released video for her song "Ghosttown," the pop queen continues her streak of awesomeness. This time it's in an apocalyptic situation mimicking the end of the world, with an uncanny guest star appearance by Terrence Howard.

The song itself is indeed addicting, but her costumes are equally mesmerizing. From her leather greatcoat complete with a billowing train and top hat, to her signature grill (because it is Madonna, after all), the video is a moody display of desperation-turned-sexy-tango-dancing that ends with a sultry dance scene with Howard (photo below). Because if the world is really coming to an end, why sit around and sob when you could partake in a tango with a hot man instead?

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And speaking of that little meet-and-greet, if you've only got mere minutes to enjoy the end of the world, you might as well dress for the occasion. Enter in mastermind stylist B. Akerlund (who custom-designed Britney Spears's mind-blowing "Work Bitch" looks) for costume design. We chatted with Akerlund, who gave us all the details on Madge's sexy looks from the video.

What was the inspiration for these costumes?My inspiration for the costumes was my husband Jonas Akerlund [who directed the video] and everything we love. We are a rock ’n’ roll family and this look is in our DNA.

What mood were you going for? Rock ’n’ roll meets end of world, with a touch of shipwreck.

Tell us more about these shipwreck-influenced costumes.The long coat was made with very thin leather supplied by Chrome Hearts and the rest was a combination of metal, leather, a green silk vest from A.F. Vandevorst, and knit and cotton from Greg Lauren. I really loved the texture that the various fabrics created.

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What was Madonna’s favorite look? I’m not sure Madonna had one favorite. She loved the silhouette all the costumes created—the top hat, the long coat, the corseted waist with tall boots.

What’s the coolest piece of them all?The coat! It was my dream piece. Who wouldn’t want a buttery leather bitch coat by Chrome Hearts covered in crosses?

What was the most exotic of the pieces? Her vintage lace shorts and trashed Agent Provocateur bra that I burnt up [pictured below]. I actually lit the lace on fire and rolled it around in the dirt with the entire costume.

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Watch the "Ghosttown" music video here: