Credit: Instagram/Madonna

Imagine getting an Instagram notification informing you that "@madonna left a comment on your photo". Well, that very thing happened to dozens of lucky fans yesterday. To celebrate the release of her Rebel Heart alum, the pop superstar asked her followers to share their burning questions using #askmadonna. But rather than responding on her own feed, Madge surprised her fans by commenting on their accounts, marking the first-ever time that a public figure has done so. Here are some of the hilarious highlights.

Do you remember your kids' first words?

"No" is the first word my daughter said to me. And she's still saying it.

Where do you get the inspiration to write your songs?

By living. Just living (and dating the wrong men...)

Can you please replace the speakers on my car? I've been playing #rebelheart too loud.

Depends how much it costs, what will you do in return? Earn those speakers bitch!

Do you regret not releasing a single from a previous album?

"Thief of Hearts" is too subversive, it would never get played on the radio.

What Frida Khalo is your favorite painting?

The one that I have. "Self Portrait with Monkeys."

If you were God, what would you think about Madonna?

I'd help her out more.

If the world would really turn to dust tomorrow, what would you be doing today?