By Victoria Moorhouse
Updated Sep 22, 2017 @ 12:45 pm
Credit: Karwai Tang/WireImage

Do you live for a spa day? Does Instagram know you better with a sheet mask draped over your face? Madonna speaks your language. In a new Instagram video promoting her MDNA, her skincare line set to (finally!) launch in the

U.S. at Barney's on September 26, the icon confirmed that the secret to beautiful skin is pampering. And for her and her spa buddy Josh Ostrovsky, AKA "The Fat Jewish," that has to include a spray bottle filled with rosé.

To demonstrate how "pampering is the key to youth," Madonna starts off the hilarious clip demonstrating how she regularly spritzes her face with MDNA Skin Rose Mist. Like you keep gum and Tide to-go sticks in your handbag at all times, Madonna told InStyle rosewater is always in her possession. "I use them liberally. I spray other people when they say annoying things. Or not."

As the video continues, Ostrovsky chimes in, but he chooses a different substance to mist on his face—White Girl Rosé. We’ll call it a close cousin to rosewater?

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"People ask me all the time, 'Why do you look so glowy like you’re pregnant?' And I say, it’s because I mist myself with rosé all day long," she says. After Madonna informs him that it’s not quite the same thing—in fact, the alcohol content in rosé would probably leave you with dry, irritated skin—she decides to give it a test run and spritzes it into her mouth. Honestly, Madonna’s spa day starts to look like most of your summer Saturday nights.

You can watch the entire LOL-worthy segment above and be sure to check out MDNA when it officially launches on September 26.