Madonna Forgets the Words to Her Own Song, Is Still Iconic

With 13 studio albums spanning more than three decades, it's easy to lose count of all of Madonna's songs.

And during the fun of her 59th birthday celebration, the icon definitely had some difficulty remembering the lyrics to one of her more recent tunes.

The Grammy Award-winning singer danced to her aptly titled tune "B-Day Song" on Instagram, with her makeup artist and hairstylist in the background. But after a few verses, the lyrics to the song escaped her. "I can't remember the words to the song I wrote," Madonna hilariously sings along to the ditty's melody.

She even took it a step further, by captioning the video, "When you can't remember the words to your own Song ... 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷♥🎂🎉🎉🎉🌈🌈😂💕🦁 Still a Happy Girl!" With a discography and epic career like Madonna's, you're allowed to laugh off something minor like this.

The night's fun continued with the Material Girl herself clad in a top hat, layered necklaces, and a voluminous tulle gown. A patent leather corset cinched her waist and an opera glove in the same edgy material was slipped over her left arm. Waves poked out from under her chapeau, while gold grills took her look one step further.

Girls just wanna have fun and no one has more than Madonna.

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