Madonna Brit Awards Performance
Credit: Jim Dyson/WireImage

Although February’s Brit Awards were full of must-see, memorable moments, it’s safe to say the most talked-about incident of the night came courtesy of Madonna. During a performance of her newest single, “Living for Love,” the singer tumbled backwards while on stage. And although she got right back up and kept going (she is the Queen of Pop, after all), Madonna recently opened up to the New York Times about how severe the tumble really was—and what she thinks saved her.

"If I wasn’t in good shape, I wouldn’t have survived that fall. But I’m strong. I know how to fall—I ride horses. And I have core strength, and I know that saved me," she said. But the singer also believes that there were some other forces at play that helped her that night. "That and my guardian angels. I believe that there’s the physical world and the metaphysical world, and I do believe that they are intertwined—as above, so below. So I think both were at work in the protection of me."

And as for how quickly she recovered on-stage? "I didn’t feel anything when it happened," she said. "I just remember falling backward, and I hit the back of my head. But I had so much adrenaline pumping, and I was so taken by surprise that I just was, OK, I have to keep going. So I just got back onstage, and I just kept going."