Madeline Stuart
Credit: Facebook / madelinesmodelling

Beauty has no limits and that's what Madeline Stuart is out to prove. The 18-year-old lives with Down Syndrome, but she's taking up modeling to challenge society's opinion of those with disabilities and outdated notions of beauty.

Her journey hasn't been an easy one. On her official Facebook page the Australian native shared that about 14 months ago she was battling obesity, a common problem for those with Down Syndrome. Stuart decided that she would not let the disease hold her back and has committed to living a healthy life. She's lost over 40 pounds and wears a healthy size two thanks to participating in gymnastics, swimming, cricket, cheerleading, and basketball. Stuart is dedicated to maintaining an active lifestyle while supporting others who are going through the same thing.

She doesn't want to keep the success to herself, but instead is working to encourage those who face similar obstacles. After sharing her message for only 10 days on Facebook the gorgeous redhead received over 100,000 likes. She thanked supporters with a message that said, "Look what 10 days can do."

Through modeling Stuart is improving how the world perceives those with disabilities, believing that, "Exposure will help create acceptance and through social awareness we can change the world." She's already making a difference and is breaking down old fashion beauty standards. We're definitely on Team Madeline and can't wait to see what's in store for the rising star.