Made in USA
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In response to fast-paced, trend-churning fashion, some brands here in the United States have shifted their focus toward a revival of more quality-constructed pieces, as well as a more ethical approach to how their clothing gets made. Still, despite this increase, such made-in-the-USA brands are few and far between. Frankly, only greatness can come out of locally sourced and manufactured fashion—it's good for the Earth (with the reduction of carbon footprints and apparel-related landfill waste); it's good for the local economy (more money, more jobs, and so on); and it's good for morale (woot, 'merica).

Contrary to popular belief, locally sourced clothing goes beyond cotton tees (though we can't resist a quality basic). We rounded up nine of our USA-based favorites that not only do America proud, but also pack on the style.

Made in USA
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1. Reformation: This L.A.-based brand is beloved by fashion's elite (Kendall Jenner, Karlie Kloss, and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley among them), and for good reason: its easy dresses, sleek cut-out jumpsuits, and playful wrap skirts are among the effortless-cool offerings that make up Reformation's core DNA. And the fact that its pieces are manufactured in downtown Los Angeles—a sustainable factory, no less—makes us love the brand that much more. Our pick: this casual-chic off-the-shoulder dress we'd live in all summer long ($178;

2. Whit: When designer Whitney Pozgay launched her brand, she set up shop in New York City, and it's there that she's been able to whip up fantastical designs brimming with bold colors and playful prints, from idea to fruition. Our pick: this darling pom-pom stripe shift dress ($398;

3. Dogeared: The jewelry brand found its success in channeling good karma, kindness, love, and all around positivity with teeny-tiny pendants and delicate pieces. Each one is handcrafted at its headquarters in Southern California. Our pick: these adorable arrow studs ($38;

4. Zady: As thelifestyle destination that's spearheading the slow fashion movement, Zady is completely transparent with its own merchandise. The brand launched a sweater last year complete with a series of behind-the-scenes photos documenting every step of the process, and this year, they've introduced a wear-everywhere tee. Our pick: the navy tee ($36; that you can read all about from harvest to finished product.

5. New Balance: "American-made, that's our story. This is our commitment—not a passing fad," the New Balance site reads. "More than 75 years ago, we made our first shoes in the U.S., and we’ve never left. Throughout, American Makers have always been at the forefront. Let’s celebrate them and their craft. them and their craft." Enough said. Our pick: the classic 574s ($80;

Made in USA
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6. Amour Vert: The brand's motto reads, "With every stitch a purpose," and that couldn't be any more true. Amour Vert (which translates to "Green Love" in French) boasts a zero-waste design philosophy, which includes local, made-in-the-USA manufacturing, non-toxic dyes, and sustainable fibers. Our pick: this playful tasseled tank ($160;

7. Baldwin Denim: This Kansas City, Mo.-based denim brand prides itself on cutting and sewing every piece in America. What's more, each is given the attention and care it deserves, which has resulted in a collection that's crafted to perfection. Our pick: these deconstructed patchwork jeans ($286;

8. American Apparel: It's in the name. The brand that's built on contemporary basics boasts the largest sewing facility in North America. Our pick: this breezy denim crop top ($42;

9. Three Dots: Designer Sharon Lebon launched her line in 1995 with a single tee and has since expanded to include every clothing category—all made in the USA. Our pick: this breathtaking airy maxi ($158;