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When Betsey Johnson announced she was creating a line with dance and activewear brand Capezio, we weren’t surprised given her lifelong love for tutus and sparkle. Being a dancer herself, Johnson knows the importance of comfort and the proper fit so when deciding who should spearhead the campaign it seemed natural for her to go with Maddie Ziegler, the 12-year-old who shot to fame with her roles in several music videos by Sia and on Lifetime's Dance Moms.

“When they asked, I said I want Maddie as my girl,” stated Johnson on the collaboration. She and Maddie made the perfect duo, which the bright and fun campaign photos makes evident. The dynamic young dancer sat down with InStyle at the collection launch this Tuesday, and chatted about everything from the collaboration to her love for leotards—and even what she wears when she isn’t dancing (which is rare!).

When Betsey asked you to be a part of this collaboration, how did you feel?
I was so excited because first of all my mom is a really big fan and she always had all Betsey Johnson stuff. So she would let me wear her jewelry and stuff and so I knew of her. And I was super exited because it wasn’t just a fashion line—it was for dancewear. So it was really cool to collaborate.

What is your favorite piece from the collection?
I like pretty much everything, but leotards are really in right now and I really like the reversible leotard. It’s just really fun because you could either go with a solid color or more of a crazy pattern.

How would you describe your dance style?
I definitely like wearing leotards. What’s really in right now is leotards with nothing. No tights or booty shorts, just the leotard. Also, I love wearing two pieces—that’s what I typically wear. When I’m not dancing I usually just like to keep it comfy. Even if I’m just going to dinner I’ll wear jeans or something but if I’m not dancing I usually just have a comfy outfit on.

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What was it like shooting the collection?
I was so excited. I was jumping on a trampoline for four hours and it was really fun. I got to do more serious photos but I also got to have more fun with this collection.

We saw in the campaign you had pink highlights. How did you feel about them?
I loved them and the makeup. I even wore pink eyeliner.

We loved you on Pretty Little Liars last week. How was that?
I was so amazing especially because it's not a dance show and I got to dance on it, which was so cool. It was just so fun because it’s my favorite show. And getting to work with Travis Wall and getting to do the choreography creepy concept was fun too.

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