Mad Men Costume Designer Janie Bryant's Twitterview: In Case You Missed It!

Twitterview Wrap up
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Mad Men's brilliant costume designer, Janie Bryant (@JanieBryant) took over @InStyle’s Twitter today! She spent 34 minutes answering a few of the dozens of questions about '60s style, vintage, and her design process readers submitted using the hashtag #AskJanie. And, just in case you missed it, you can relive the whole thing right here, as we put the whole Twitterview in question-and-answer form below. Scroll down to catch up on what you missed, and be sure to follow @InStyle for more fun Twitterviews in the future.

What do you REALLY think of fans' over-analysis of your costume choices for the characters? "I LOVE it! Costume design is all about telling the story of the character. Happy it inspires you!"

What do you have planned for Peggy now that she’s running things?"I can't comment on the future."

How did you handle Peggy's transformation from shy to confident? "Through the costume design, we can see Peggy goes through many changes. A sexy mini-dress and pantsuit shows her power."

Will Joan ever wear a pantsuit?"Who knows what will be? I'm under lock and key when it comes to the future."

What's the most difficult part of your job? "So many things, but merging seasons together is very challenging. Characters always have to be true even though time may pass."

Is Sally more influenced by Betty’s classic style or Megan’s mod looks?"Sally is now more influenced by Megan when she is in NYC, but she still embraces Betty's classics, too."

Did you expect fans to go so crazy over Bob Benson’s shorts?"I love that fans go crazy for the costumes. I really didn't expect that to be one."

Megan's white nightgown in the finale seemed like a significant choice. Tell us more! "Yes! She was meant to look like an angel."

When the characters visit different places, how does this influence your costume choices?"I love showing the different worlds of Mad Men. Through the costume design I can do that a lot through color—like in California and Italy."

How can we apply Megan's season six looks to a 2013 work wardrobe?"Hoop earrings, miniskirts, leather and knee-high boots. Go mod. And don't forget your legwear!"

Which character is your favorite to design for?"I have lots of favorites and it changes all the time. Megan, Betty, Harry, Don, Joan, Jane—it depends on the episode and my mood."

Which fashion era do you like the most?"You’re gonna love this: 1970s plaid and 1770s."

Do you ever get rid of old outfits from Mad Men? "We do keep it all except for the costumes that were rented from the rental houses."

What is a good tip for buying vintage?"Look for weak seams, stains, color fading, repairs—if all good, you know it’s built to last."

What is your favorite song?"My theme song and favorite song for the world is "Imagine," John Lennon."

Will Ted still wear a turtleneck in Los Angeles? "I sure hope so! I love a man in a turtleneck."

Plus, we've been interviewing Janie Bryant all season Mad Men's season six looks. Click below to check it out.

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