Macy's Announces an Awesome Way to Discover New Designers

Time Inc. Fashion Tech Lab - Macy's
Photo: Getty Images

Scrolling through items in your virtual cart is so 2014. Instead, take your online shopping experience to the next level with a partnership between Macy's and fashion start-up Nineteenth Amendment, which produces apparel from emerging designers around the world based on consumer demand. The collaboration was announced today at the second annual New York Fashion Tech Lab, hosted by Time Inc.

Starting in the fall, just in time for New York Fashion Week, Macy' will spotlight Nineteenth Amendment designers to catch the attention of millennial shoppers. Nineteenth Amendment solves a problem faced by many new labels: not enough resources to produce small orders. The Nineteenth Amendment team curates a batch of small brands with cool aesthetics, lets shoppers place an order for their pieces, then put the pieces into production once ten units are ordered, saving the designers big on production costs. The Macy's partnership will give the designers major exposure. "Our mission is the launch the next Michael Kors and democratize the fashion industry," said founder and CEO Amanda Curtis. We've got our trigger finger ready to start shopping!

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