By Jennifer Velez
Jun 27, 2014 @ 1:13 pm
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Nail polish fanatics are in for a special treat: MAC’s latest set of polishes will literally transform your manicure in just one coat. The brand has teamed up with celebrity nail guru Marian Newman to roll out a collection of nine unique shades—six of which are semi-sheer topcoats that will instantly give your manicure a whole new look.

While stylish on their own, these game-changing toppers are designed to mix and layer over any polish. To achieve a leather-like effect, for example, swipe on Texturizer (above, left), or opt for a darker shade like Shadow (above, right) when you’re in the mood for an edgy contrast.

Courtesy Photo (3)

There’s also a range of pearlized finishes, available in tints of gold, green, blue, and pink (above), that will add a cool twist just as easily—no tricky nail art necessary. Shop the whole collection for $12 a bottle at

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