Macklemore birth announcement - instagram
Credit: Instagram/baba_g

This year has been an amazing ride for Macklemore: The rapper revealed yesterday that he had recently become both a father and a married man.

On May 29 the Grammy winner officially became a father when his fiancé, Tricia Davis, gave birth to a baby girl, Sloane Ava Simone. And although the couple had been engaged for more than eight years, the lovebirds waited until gay marriage was legalized in the U.S. to officially tie the knot on June 27.

Now as a husband and dad, Macklemore has finally released new music with Ryan Lewis—and it was certainly worth the wait. For the laid-back ballad titled "Growing Up," the two teamed up with Ed Sheeran to express the emotional rollercoaster of becoming a father.

In the tune you'll hear Macklemore gush over his lovely wife as he hopes his daughter will grow up to be just like her. Macklemore promises that he won't spoil his newborn, and jokes that she'll be getting a bus pass for her 16th birthday. He's also brutally honest and shares his initial fears of not being there to see his daughter's first steps because of the demands of his busy career. Sheeran's soulful voice comforts Macklemore's worries as the song closes with the lyrics, "I'm still growing up."

Listen to the new tune here: