Mac Makeup Studio Interior - Lead
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As dedicated followers of MAC, we’re thrilled for the newest addition to the brand. The makeup haven is excited to announce its first-ever makeup studio in New York City–a posh location devoted to enlightening MAC-lovers everywhere with one-on-one makeup services, applications and artistry with professional MAC makeup artists.

Overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle that comes with trying to shop at a busy retail location? In addition to offering up all your MAC favorites for purchase, “The space is very intimate and allows for the relationship between the artist and consumer to flourish,” says Karen Buglisi Weiler, Global Brand President of MAC Cosmetics.

The studio, located at 825 Lexington Ave, will take pride in valuing each individual’s personal preferences throughout the entire appointment by focusing on putting, "Artistry and individuality at the core of the Studio and MAC culture,” says Gordon Espinet, MAC Cosmetics Senior Vice President of Makeup Aristry, who designed the salon’s exciting menu. The lengthy menu (displayed uniquely on iPads at each station), offers everything from full-face applications and lessons as well as specific attention to just one area of the face (it’s time to finally get your signature lip down pat).

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From experience, we know booking a glam appointment can be tough. If you can’t get an appointment, we also adore these 3 beauty bars that each work to cater to your specific needs.

Bite Beauty Lip Lab

Bite Studio - Embed
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Have you been vigorously attempting to find the perfect accent for your lips? Bite Beauty has made finding a signature color an easy feat. Located in NYC, this lab allows you to work closely with a professional lab artist, where you can choose everything from the shade, finish and flavor -- all packed in your own tube to take home. Call to make your appointment.

Blushington Makeup and Beauty Lounge

Blushington - Embed
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This chic space, currently located in West Hollywood, Newport Beach and Dallas, offers a range of pampering needs – we’re talking everything from full face makeup application to faux lashes and waxing. Be sure to head over to the opening day of their New York City location on July 29th, where they will be offering free services to all.

The Paint Workshop Nail Bar at SAKS Fifth Avenue

Nails Inc. Paint Studio - Embed
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This fun nail bar by Nails Inc. offers a range of fancy manicures from a selection of more than 150 colors. The best part? After your luxe mani, you can shop at all the beauty counters around the department store. Pampering and shopping? Score! Call to make your appointment.