By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Jan 15, 2016 @ 1:45 pm
Contouring Palette
Credit: Courtesy

The year is 2016, and thanks to the Kardashianization of the beauty world, there are approximately ten thousand contouring palettes flooding the market, you know, give or take a few. With such a bounty to choose from, we never knew we were in need of just one more until MAC launched the holy grail of the category, which takes minimalist approach to the method. Rather than offering up 20 different tawny brown shades you'll have no idea how to use, MAC's Contour and Sculpt Yourself palette is stocked with 6 user-friendly colors that work on literally every skin tone.

Run the taupe Sculpt powder (bottom left) along the hollows of your cheeks, down both sides of your nose, around your temples, and on your jaw line, then blend out to create a natural-looking shadow. Follow with one of the paler colors to highlight—the shimmery Trace Gold hue (top right) is especially gorgeous dusted on the cheekbones of medium and dark complexions, though it's just as flattering on pale skin as a bronzer. The palette is available right now for $60 at Do a little math, and you'll calculate that each of the shading powders cost $17 a pop, so you're pretty much getting two of them free by picking up the full kit.