Wonder Woman's Lynda Carter Has a Horrifying Sexual Harassment Story from the Show's Set

Even Wonder Woman isn’t immune to sexual harassment or abuse. Lynda Carter, who played the iconic superhero on TV in the '70s, is now opening up about her own #MeToo stories.

The 66-year-old opened up in an interview with The Daily Beast and revealed that an alleged abuser is facing punishment for his actions, though she wouldn’t name him or say exactly what he did. She considered pursuing legal action against him, but deemed it useless.

“He’s already being done in. There’s no advantage in piling on again,” she said. “And, I believe every woman in the Bill Cosby case,” Carter added, refusing to say if Cosby was her abuser.

While he is facing punishment, the actress said, “it isn’t enough,” adding that he violated “a lot of people.”

Lynda Carter Sexual Harassment
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“I can’t add anything to it. I wish I could. But there’s nothing legally I could add to it, because I looked into it. I’m just another face in the crowd. I wish I could, and if I could I would,” Carter said, adding that she’s “probably still” recovering from the assault.

While she wouldn’t give details about this abuser, Carter revealed that she faced sexual harassment on the Wonder Woman set, opening up about a Peeping Tom crewmember. “There was a cameraman who drilled a hole in my dressing room wall on the Warner Brothers lot,” she said. “They caught him, fired him, and drummed him out of the business.”

Lynda Carter Wonder Woman
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“I fended off my share. And I’ve been afraid,” Carter added and revealed how actresses warned each other about harassers. “Who you are going to tell except your girlfriends and your circle of friends? You’d say or hear, ‘Stay away from that guy.’ ‘Watch out for this casting director.’ And so you would hear it from other people, other people would hear it from other people. ‘Watch out for so and so.’ That’s how you protected yourself: through the grapevine. We were women’s lib, burn the bra. We weren’t going to take any shit from people. So we felt strong in that, but there were still not a lot of parts for us,” she said.

Wonder Woman also said she feared being blacklisted if she told her agent about the abuse. “Who’s going to believe you? No one’s going to believe you. And when you did push back by saying, ‘Are you kidding me?’ they would say, ‘Yes, yes.’ But it was everywhere. You’d see girls being shaken in acting classes. And the #MeToo movement is happening not just with actresses but maids and caregivers, everywhere.”

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