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Order room service while you gaze upon your own private volcano.

Vomo Resort, Fiji (pictured above)

When it comes to landscapes, the best seats are in the nosebleed section. Enjoy the view from your own private terrace.

Royal Pavilion Villas, Qasr al Arab

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The world's largest stretch of uninterrupted sand desert at your doorstep. Hard to find anything but a breathtaking perspective.

IHG, Bora Bora

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Take in the volcano's dramatic peak that rises 2,400 feet above the lagoon from your private pontoon or from one of the many huge glass windows that adorn the villa walls.

La Corte del Lago

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Vacation like George and Amal in your own private historic villa with undisturbed views of Lake Como.

Villa Honegg Garden House

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The enchanting views of the vast Lake Lucerne and Swiss Alps are unimaginably better from your own private villa nestled into the landscape.

Luangwa Safari House

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Don't be frightened if you notice a herd of elephants waltzing by your bathroom window. That's the norm.

Casa Palopo

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What could be better than a villa with a view of a magnificent lake and a volcano? A villa with a view of said lake and multiple volcanoes.