By Katie Donbavand
Aug 22, 2014 @ 12:15 pm

What's the cutest trend of the season? You probably wouldn't guess goats! The farm animal has been popping up everywhere and sproinging into our hearts. So far this summer, the little ani-pals have been protecting Boston kids from getting poison ivy, "goat-scaping" Oklahoma City, and even donning fancy horn accessories while meeting Prince Harry. From their knobby knees to their flappy, soft ears to their twitchy, stubby tail tuffs—we think they're just adorable.

But another reason to love goats is that they make really rich, tasty milk that can be turned into yummy goodies and luxe beauty products. We rounded up some fab beauty products and seriously yummy noms made with the help of our adorable goat friends.

Beauty by Goats

Goat's milk has been nourishing skin for centuries since the ancient Egyptians used it to soothe their skin. Its replete with alpha-hydroxy acids including lactic acid which help remove dead skin cells making your skin appear smoother and younger looking. Not only that, goat's milk contains tons of vitamins, including Vitamin A, which helps repair skin tissue. According to the experts, creams made with Vitamin A reduce wrinkles, control acne, ease psoriasis, and maintain healthy skin.


1. Kate Somerville Goat Milk Cream$65; sephora.comPerfect for sensitive skin, Kate Somerville's goat milk cream calms and rejuvenates while adding a healthy dose of moisture.


2. Bouquet Bath Truffles Made with Goat's Milk$18 for four; anthropologie.comSkip the shower and take a long, soothing, spa-like bath with these truffles from Anthropologie. Made from goat's milk, shea and cocoa butter, and dried rose and lavendar petals, these bath bombs are just as good for your skin as they are gorgeous.


3. After Sun Goat Milk Soap$15; beekman1802.comAlmost all of the soap and skin care products from Beekman 1802 contain rich goats milk—straight from the Beekman 1802 farm! Since the products are made with all natural ingredients and no chemicals or preservatives, their gentle soaps can be used on even the most sensitive skin.

Groceries by Goats

Of course we'd be remiss to exclude the tasty treats goats have a hand in creating. From satisfying sweets to decadent savory snacks, goat's milk can be turned into some seriously yummy noms!


1. Farmstead Goat Milk Caramels$8; bigpicturefarm.comMade in Vermont by the all-star hoof team of Manhattan, Orion, Fern, Gertrude, Cicada, Cy, Solaris, Junebug, Ahmic, Meridien, Winnimere, and Luna, these indulgent caramels come in four outstanding flavors: chai, maple cream, cocoa latte, and (our favorite) sea salt & bourbon vanilla.


2. Midnight Moon Goat Cheese$25 for 1 lb; cypressgrovechevre.comThe romantically named Midnight Moon Goat Cheese is aged 6 months in Holland before landing on your table. We love making a decadent snack of this cheese by adding a poppy seed crackers and dollops of sweet fig jam.


3. Laloo Capraccino Goat's Milk Coffee Ice Cream$8; icecreamsource.comMade with 100 percent goat's milk, LaLoo's ice cream is naturally higher in protein and lower in fat than other ice cream, as well as easier to digest for the lactose sensitive crowd. We love the rich flavor of Capraccino, made with fresh Italian espresso beans which are roasted only three weeks before production.

Need more proof that goats are the best things ever? Just look at Scribbles, one of the happy rescued goats living at Farm Sanctuary in Orland, Calif., as he bleats and prances around their pasture: