Solid Mouthwash Lead
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Just when you thought fragrance was the only medicine cabinet staple that could exist in both solid and liquid states of matter, along comes Lush Cosmetics and their mouthwash tablets. Yes, Lush has found a way to make a solid mouthwash, and no, it isn't the exact same thing as an Altoid. Although they look similar to the mints in your bag, the mouthwash tabs fizz up on contact with water to bring on Listerine-levels of clean with the help of its sodium bicarbonate base. Basically, it's like a mint-flavored bath bomb for your mouth.

There are two ways you can use them—either dissolve the tab in a glass of water, or place it on your tongue, take a sip of water, then swish and spit out as you would with traditional mouthwash. Each bottle contains 80 mouthwash tabs, and are available in classic mint, lemon, and green tea flavors. Since the solid form makes them easy to stash in gym bags and carry-ons alike, we're sure your dentist will be pleased to know that constantly having mouthwash on hand is a possibility. Whether or not you stick to the regime is in your own hands. Find them at and Lush outposts nationwide starting in late spring, priced at $10 per bottle.