Lush's LGBTQ-Inclusive Valentine's Campaign Is What the World Needs Right Now

LGBTQ - Lush Lead
Photo: lushcosmetics/twitter

How do we love Lush Cosmetics? Let us count the ways. We love thee to the depth and breadth and height of the shelf holding the bath bomb we're desperately trying to reach. We love thee to the level of every day's most quiet need, made even more serene with the thought that the products lining our medicine cabinet are completely ethical and cruelty-free. We love thee as freely as the emotion conveyed in the brand's new LGBTQ-inclusive campaign for Valentine's Day, which has somewhat restored our faith in humanity. For the just-launched collection of bath goods for Valentine's Day, the brand photographed two gay couples to star in the ad images, and there are no words to accurately describe just how adorable the final result is. Lush tweeted out the above image over the weekend in conjunction with the Women's March, and the subsequent photos posted to their Instagram (below) were beautiful enough to make us tear up at our desks.

Fun fact: Lush's own staffers moonlight as models for the brand campaigns, so the emotion you're seeing is 100% organic, not unlike the fomulas used in their products. Love is love, indeed, and we are so here for this.

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