By Grace Gavilanes
Updated Feb 13, 2015 @ 2:16 pm

Alyson Stoner, the little girl who is best known for starring in Missy Elliott's "Work It" music video, is all grown up! Watch the dancer's tribute video for the legendary rapper. [Buzzfeed]

Here are more must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:

1. In honor of its 30th anniversary, The Breakfast Club will be shown in theaters this March. [EW]

2. Best mom ever: One very stylish parent let her toddler choose her outfits for one week, and blogged about the experience here. [Babble]

3. Who knew President Obama was such a fan of selfies? [People]

4. Drake just channeled Queen Bey and dropped a surprise mix tape, available on iTunes and Spotify, late last night. Happy Friday, indeed. [Time]

5. James Franco is returning to the small screen in J.J. Abrams's newest project. [Hollywood Reporter]