Lunchtime Links! Lady Gaga, Gisele and More...
Credit: Ella Pellegrini/Newspix/RexUS; Courtesy of Photo; Courtesy of FOX; Casey Rodgers/APImages; Courtesy of Betsy Malloy; Donald Traill/AP photo

1. It's no surprise here, but Lady Gaga finally admitted she will start a clothing line "at some point." []

2. Laura Dowling, officially the new White House florist, announced her new gig via Facebook! []

3. Found: Emma's wedding dress from last week's Glee—it's none other than J. Crew! []

4. Rachel Zoe and Dakota Fanning give the new Nintendo DS game, Style Savvy, a test run. []

5. Got an extra 7.2 million dollars? The house from Party of Five is on the market. []

6. A very pregnant Gisele is well on her way to a pilot's license and the only think that might stand in the way—her belly! []