Lunchtime Links: This Adorably Stylish Set of Unlikely BFFs Will Warm Your Heart, Plus More Must-Reads

Lunchtime Links 04/17/14
Photo: Grace Chon

Best friends 7-year-old Zoey and 10-month-old Jasper enjoy wearing matching outfits (here, in party hats from the Oh Joy! Target collection) to pose for pictures taken by Grace Chon, Jasper's commercial photographer-mom. The product? The cutest snapshots you'll see all week. [Mashable]

Here are more must-clicks to visit during your lunch break:

1. The '90s hit, Mrs. Doubtfire, is getting a sequel with Robin Williams to reprise his title role. [Variety]

2. Gladiators: Prep for Scandal's season finale by getting the style scoop on all of Olivia Pope's outfits. [InStyle]

3. Peek at Jenny McCarthy's 10-karat yellow engagement ring. [E! Online]

4. Kim Kardashian channels Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face for the reality star's energy drink ad. [People]

5. Kate Middleton takes a selfie with a very lucky boy while in New Zealand. [Popsugar]

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