Lunchtime Links!

Lunchtime Links!
Photo: Courtesy of House of Dereon; Courtesy of Miss Lanvin; Debora Jaffe/Pat Bates; Lisa O'Connor/Zuma Press; Courtesy of LTB Denim; John Shearer/WireImages

Beyonce's House of Dereon debuts a collection of day dresses that are completely appropriate for the office. []

Can't afford Lanvin? Opt for a porcelain version of your favorite runway look from the Miss Lanvin doll collection. []

Savor that burger—Rachel Zoe swears none of her A-list clients are a size zero. []

Dolly Parton breaks a cardinal beauty rule—sleeping in makeup— just "in case (she) has to get up in middle of the night." []

Wanna squeeze into your skinny jeans again? Denim Therapy will expand them to fit you now—crash diet not required! []

Robert Pattinson claims he is single. Wonder what Kristen Stewart thinks of that? []

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