By Hana Asbrink
Updated Apr 25, 2016 @ 8:00 pm
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Clone of 2016 Babies - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@chrissyteigen

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend welcomed their precious baby girl into the world less than two short weeks ago and we couldn’t help fawn over the name they chose for the newborn: Luna Simone Stephens.

Turns out, there’s good reason we love the dulcet-sounding moniker as much as we do. “Luna is a hot rising name around the world,” explains The Baby Name Wizard ($10; author Laura Wattenberg to InStyle. “It's part of a soaring style I call ‘raindrop names,’ liquid-smooth miniatures with no sharp edges.” Other popular names with similar appeal? Think Arya, Liam, Mia, Lila, and Noah. “The strong ‘u’-sound makes Luna particularly striking,” says Wattenberg, “and builds a connection to the name's meaning, ‘moon.’" Luna was the Roman moon goddess, after all.

And Harry Potter fans, if you were wondering, yes, Luna Lovegood did have a hand in boosting this name trend. “The number of American girls named Luna has risen twelve-fold since Luna's first appearance in Order of the Phoenix."

As for Simone, we couldn’t help but wonder if dad John’s musical leanings had an influence. “French names like Simone are popular middle name choices because of their rhythm, which makes a nice contrast with first names stressed on the first syllable,” says Wattenberg. “Paired with Luna—and on the daughter of a singer—it suggests an homage to the great singer Nina Simone.”

With what seems to be a baby boom taking place in Hollywood at the moment, we had to ask the baby name expert what, if any, naming trends were on the horizon among the celeb set. “One sound trend to look for is girls' names ending in an ‘o’-sound. We've already seen famous babies like Shiloh, Willow, Harlow and Monroe, and this trend is still growing.”

“Celebrity names run in two opposite directions,” she continued. “You have the eye-catching, non-traditional names, especially word names like Rocket, Sparrow, and Saint. But you also see a lot of Hollywood parents going the opposite way with distinctly old-fashioned names. Names like Olive, Henry, Milo, and Hazel are popular celebrity choices.”

Place your bets now. With the stork keeping busy with all of the babies set to make their debut this year, we’ll have plenty of opportunities to study and analyze each of the names bestowed upon Hollywood's youngest set. Take a look at all of the babies born in 2016 so far.