Touch Screen Makeup Machine - Lead
Credit: Courtesy

What do you get when you cross an airbrush makeup machine with the skills of a Hollywood makeup artist and the technology used in your iPad Air? Either a sci-fi film about really glamorous robots taking over the world, or the upcoming Luminess Epic 2 Airbrush Makeup System.

Luckily for planet Earth, just the latter is true. Come January, you'll be able to get your hands on the first-ever airbrush makeup machine featuring a full digital touch-screen. The system delivers the same flawless effect that Luminess is known for, but streamlines the process while making us feel a little like Judy Jetson. Proving that it's more than just a pretty interface, the device gives you the ability to load makeup tutorials onto the touchscreen, with topics ranging from the basics of airbrushing, to intricate techniques on how to minimize uneven texture and fine lines. Back to the Future 2 may have gotten our hopes up for hoverboards in 2015 (you've still got a few months, scientists!), but 2016 is already looking pretty epic in terms of our makeup routine.