Luma Brush
Credit: Courtesy

When you have hair like mine—meaning thick, somewhat curly, and long enough to take a solid 45 minutes of blow-drying time out of my day—you start to look for any alternative short of Judy Jetson's hairstyling robot to help streamline the entire process. I was able to find a pretty great hot air brush, which cut the time down to roughly 20 minutes, but I tend to do this thing once a week where I fall asleep with my hair wet, which can be problematic when it comes to working out all the kinks in the morning. On my Instagram feed, I'd scroll past post after post of these 15-second videos demonstrating straightening brushes—there are a few models out there but the Luma Ceramic Brush ($59; was the one that crossed my desk. It looks more or less like a traditional hairbrush, save for the electric cord attached to the end, but the turquoise base is actually made from ceramic, which heats up to 375 degrees in under a minute. The brush claims to take a typical 20-minute styling session with a traditional flat iron down to two minutes flat, and with a promise like that, I knew I needed to try it out.

Per my accidental weekly ritual, I fell asleep with completely wet hair, and woke up around 7:30 after hitting the snooze button twice more than I should have, then made my way over to my bathroom so I could tame the lion's mane I refer to as hair. The brush heated quickly and was very easy to work with, considering that you're doing the exact same motions as you do when you comb your hair, just make sure to really pull your strands through so that they make contact with the ceramic base. As far as timing went, I finished my entire head in a little over 15 minutes, but I did have to go back in once I was done and add some curl to my ends as the brush delivered a very straight appearance. Since I prefer a little more movement in my hair, I'm not sure if I'd realistically use it every day, but on the all-too-common occasions where I oversleep with almost no time to deal with my curling iron, I know that the Luma brush will have my back.