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Lululemon is reinventing the way we shop for workout pants. Forget feeling overwhelmed as you peruse a seemingly endless array of options displayed on the athletic brand's current pant wall, where you are asked to choose by length, color, and activity. Instead, forgo silhouette in favor of sensation when choosing how to outfit your lower half. Now, you'll be able to shop for pants based on how you want to feel(relaxed, naked, held-in, hugged, tight) so you can easily select the right leggings tailored to your workout. The brand is combining sports psychology, training compression science, and design to change how their pants are made and displayed—and to change the way in which we choose them.

Feeling like you're craving the freeing just-out-of-the-shower sensation of being nude? Enter in the "Naked" pant, made of light-weight, buttery soft fabric engineered to feel so much like a second skin, you may not remember mid-downward dog whether you forgot to put on pants or not.

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Then there's the "Hugged" pant, a high-rise fit designed to feel like a comfortable embrace—not too tight, but not too, well, naked.

The last three fits include "Tight," which grips in all the right places to make you feel like everything is lifted and loaded (these are perfect for the ultimate performance junkie), "Relaxed," which needs no explanation, and "Held-In," the perfect choice when you ate a few too many slices of pizza the night before and you're feeling in need of a Spanx-y workout pant.

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The new pant wall will be on display in stores beginning in September nationwide.