Lucy Hale Goes Platinum Blonde

Lucy Hale - Hair Transformation 2016
Photo: kristin_ess/Instagram

Lucy Hale's pretty little locks are getting blonder by the minute! Only two weeks after moving from brown to honey blonde, the Pretty Little Liars star has gone even blonder.

Kristin Ess, Hale's longtime hair stylist, debuted her client's lighter tresses on Instagram Wednesday.

"Going blonder by the minute with @lucyhale and swapping faces with @kdeenihan on snap," she wrote alongside a photo of Hale's new 'do.

"We just wanted to do something fun while she's not filming," Ess told PeopleStyle. "She has a short break. She just finished her new movie, Dude, where she has super-long, dark hair and goes back to Pretty Little Liars in a few weeks for which she'll have to go back to brown with highlights."

"We've done the blonde twice now," Ess said, referring to her recent honey shade. "The first time you can only get so blonde from dark without any damage. The second time was to create those bright pops of blonde."

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