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Lucy Hale
Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images

There are only two situations I can think of that call for temporary, spray-on hair color: Halloween, or a music festival like Coachella.

Sure, hair-color sprays are the easiest way to test trends like pastel pink and peach, but these products can be chalky and hard to apply evenly to hair. And if I'm being totally honest, they usually look completely fake. I've always been hesitant to recommend them—that is, until I saw Lucy Hale's temporary hot-pink color. The actress (who just went blonde less than a week ago) debuted the pink look on Instagram yesterday, and she has me reconsidering everything I thought I knew about temporary color.

The product that Hale mentions in her Instagram caption is from her longtime stylist Kristin Ess's eponymous haircare line. Unlike many other spray-on hair colors, you apply Ess's Rose Gold Tint ($12; target.com) directly in the shower and then rinse it out. When sprayed onto wet hair, it gives you a subtle look. For a more vibrant pink, spray it on towel-dried hair.

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Although you can use the Rose Gold Tint on any hair color, it will show up the most on blonde or highlighted hair, like Hale's current shade.

Even though Ess's spray gives you a natural, lived-in pink look, it will only last one to three shampoos depending on the thickness of your hair, and if you applied it in the shower. If you've always wanted to go pink, it's an easy way to try the color before making a commitment.

Who would have thought temporary hair color could look this good?