Lucy Hale
Credit: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty

On Tuesday night, Pretty Little Liars aired its final episode, ending an era for the stars that quite literally grew up during its seven-season run. In what may or may not be a nod to the show, Lucy Hale debuted a new tattoo on the same day, and of course we’re speculating about its hidden meaning.

Tattoo artist Dr. Woo posted a photo of Hale’s newest design on Instagram, a tiny vintage lightbulb on the back of her left arm. Could it be a reference to PLL finally revealing who “A.D.” is and thus turning on a light in the darkness? Or perhaps Hale is ready to turn on the light in this new, post-Pretty Little Liars chapter of her life?

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Or maybe it has nothing to do with her character Aria Montgomery, and Hale just liked the aesthetic. After all, she did say that Aria has “become a part of [her] in a way,” and she doesn’t need a tattoo to remember those eight life-changing years.

Either way, we’re going to miss our nights in Rosewood.