Lucy Hale
Credit: Tibrina Hobson/WireImage

Dyeing your hair darker for fall is just like wearing florals for spring: it's not a groundbreaking change. Lucy Hale gets this, which is why she took the unexpected route this year by going blonde.

The actress debuted her brand-spanking new hair color in an Instagram post. Since she tagged Kristin Ess in her caption, it's likely that the celebrity stylist is the colorist behind the light shade.

Best described as honey blonde, this color is a lot warmer than the icy platinum shades that were so popular last year. It also looks like Ess added in some coppery low-lights for dimension. Hale's bob was styled in beachy, textured waves, which showed off all of the different blonde tones in her new color.

Although this honey blonde shade is a dramatic departure from her signature chocolate brown hair color, it's not Hale's first time going lighter. Just this past spring she gradually dyed her hair in steps, eventually ending up with a similar strawberry blonde color.

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However, Hale's stint as a blonde didn't last long. She returned to her brunette roots by the beginning of summer. TBD on how long Hale will keep her blonde hair color around this time, but either way it's a great option for blondes or brunettes who've been trying to figure out how to switch up their hair color for fall.