Lucy Hale - Lead
Credit: Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

If you watched the 2019 Oscars, you may have noticed that a shocking amount of celebrities had chocolate brown hair sleekly styled in a blunt bob. It was truly the hairstyle of the evening. And now, we have further reason to believe it'll be one of the most popular hair combos of the entire year, thanks to Lucy Hale's latest hair transformation.

The actress debuted her new haircut and color on Instagram — a rich dark chocolate brown shade cut into a blunt, slightly asymmetrical bob, courtesy of celebrity hair genius Kristin Ess.

"Diary of a girl who changes her hair a lot," she captioned the photo reveal. If you follow Lucy Hale regularly, you know that she is truly a hair chameleon. The actress has been a blonde. She's had blunt, shaggy bangs. She's even been a near-redhead with long, layered auburn strands.

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But this switch-up is not only significant because she was just a blonde. It also confirms that Hollywood is pretty much obsessed with sleek brunette bobs — and soon, you probably will be, too.