Lucy Hal Piglet - Lead 2016
Credit: lucyhale/Instagram

Lucy Hale is celebrating her 27th birthday today, and judging by her Instagram account, the Pretty Little Liars star and member of the bob mob is definitely doing it right. She woke up this morning and headed to her “sanctuary,” SoulCycle, for a birthday workout, and the studio was decorated in her honor with some epic throwback photos.

If that wasn’t enough, her squad joined her with the most epic shirts. The birthday girl donned a shirt that read “Lucifer” on the front and “27” on the back, while her friends wore tees that said “Hales Angels.”

“Thank you to these 4 amazing humans for helping to make this day so lovely!” she wrote on Instagram.

Next stop: breakfast. Hale’s post-workout snack was a delectable stack of birthday pancakes, topped with sprinkles and candles. “Oh. OKAY. Funfetti pancakes for me,” she wrote. “Thanks A. I love you.”

So what else did her friends have in store? A petting zoo, brought right to her house. The Pretty Little Liars star shared photos of her playing with a turtle, a goat, and even a baby pig. “Two little piggies,” she captioned one adorable photo (above).

And as for gifts, the actress is asking well-wishers to donate to Smile Train, a charity that helps children born with a cleft lip afford surgery.

It certainly looks like Hale found the perfect way to celebrate.