Lucky Brand - Lead
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If you're constantly peeping your head out of the dressing room curtain mid-try-on session to catch the attention of a sales associate, then Lucky Brand's brand-new fitting room technology is practically made for you. This new Virtual Mannequin Technology, which will be present in each individual fitting room at select locations, allows shoppers to hold a physical piece of clothing up to the touch screen to view all the details of the item—style, fit, and price. Then, the screen will suggest other items that are available in-store to pair with your original selection, including clothing and accessories. Want to grab a few of the styling suggestions to try on, or need to swap out a size? Simply tap to alert a sales associate, who will be at the fitting room door with your requests in a flash.

The smart fitting rooms just rolled out with the opening of Lucky Brand's new location at The Point in Manhattan Beach, Calif., followed by the opening of a Las Vegas store. Not on the West Coast? Don't worry, the brand will introduce the technology into stores across the country over the next year.