By Josephine Cusumano
Updated Dec 16, 2013 @ 9:14 am
Holiday Gifts
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With just a week and a half left till the holidays come to a close, it's crunch time! Luckily, InStyle's editor Subira Shaw swung by Good Morning America this morning to help take the pressure off and pick some last-minute items that won't break the bank. After spending 14 weeks putting together InStyle's holiday gift guide featuring in the Jennifer Lawrence-covered December issue, Shaw picked the best $25 and under gifts that every last-minute shopper (and your wallet) will love! Scroll below to start shopping.

OPI Nail Polish Set, 10 for $25;

Ugly Doll Umbrella, $12;

ASOS Acrylic Beane, $24;

Twistband Hair Ties, $12;

ELF (Eyes Lip Face) Geometric Eye Shadow palette with 150 colors, $15;

The Alchemy Shop's Assorted Bracelets and cuffs, $24.99;

Two's Company Scented Soap with Ceramic Tray, $20;

Bead and Ribbon Necklace, $25;