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Aslaug Magnusdottir has a knack for attaching herself and working at some seriously cool sites (before they're even cool). The Icelandic native got her start in online fashion working for Gilt, then co-launched the seriously chic Moda Operandi in 2011. Now the fashion entrepreneur has launched her most creative venture to date with Tinker Tailor.

Tinker Tailor is the first site of its kind and is the ultimate site for fashionistas looking for that one of a kind, seriously unique piece. Each week, Tinker Tailor launches a designer's collection (or two or three collections from the likes of Rodarte and Giambattista Valli) that is customizable. You're able to choose from a number of prints, skirt lengths, sleeve lengths, and other options for each of the pieces. "I wanted to give women access to something that they couldn't necessarily access before," Magnusdottir told "If women are going to purchase something for a significant amount of money, it has to be exactly they way they want it to be. It has to be relevant for them and it has to fit their lifestyle and their culture and their profession or whatever it may be."

Each designer's collection stays on the site for about two to four weeks (longer than your typical flash sale site), but their bridal collections (they've offered up Marchesa and Alberta Ferretti so far) stay on the site even longer (think in terms of months, not days or weeks). Plus, the styles aren't necessarily timed to fashion seasons, so you'll have access to a number of new designs and offerings from designers during off seasons.

But that's not all! Have you ever designed your dream dress in your head, but had no idea how to actualize it? Well, Tinker Tailor has you covered. "I had often dreamt up a specific dress that I wanted, but going to a seamstress and getting it made was a daunting experience because I didn't necessarily know where to go and couldn't see it visually beforehand."You can actualize your fantasy designs by choosing from one of their predetermined silhouettes or putting together your own design. Say you want a halter bodice with no sleeves and an A-line skirt—select those, choose your desired lengths, and then move on to your fabrics (all of which are chosen with meticulous detail and are incredibly lush). Pick from a number of colors and patterns and prints, including exclusive prints from artists and designers, like the St. Tropez umbrellas print dress by Susan Brown or jewelry-inspired prints from Yaz Bukey.

Now if that doesn't have your bases covered, nothing does.