Love at First Site: Shop the World with the Click of a Button at Runway2Street

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Wouldn't it be amazing to jet-set around the globe, hunting marketplaces in Morocco, boutiques in New Delhi, and ateliers in the South of France for unique pieces, wardrobe staples, or just to add to our incredible fashion collection? With Runway2Street, you're now able to shop from expertly curated clothing and accessories from emerging designers all around the world—all without the jet lag.

Founder and self-described "fashion enthusiast and tech geek" Rathna Sharad decided to leave her lucrative job at Microsoft to start Runway2Street when the intrepid traveler realized that there was no place online to source global pieces. "Whenever I travel, I love finding new local designers. When I would return home, friends would always ask me where they could purchase something from these designers, but I could not point them to any site online. Now with Runway2Street, we curate high-quality, cutting-edge, small brands from every corner of the world and bring them to the consumer with the convenience of shopping locally."

The site not only offers some of the most unique designs from across the globe to your fingertips, but what makes the site so interesting and appealing is its Meet the Designers section, which profiles all of the designers that they carry, giving it a more personalized shopping experience. It's so important to see the process and hear the story behind all of the unique pieces. We fell in love with the ladylike Väska bags, but hearing that designer Ann-Sofi Storbacka's purses are handmade in a small Barcelona workshop really turned each of the pieces into something special. And there's a story for everything on the site—so click to it to be transported to another world (at least for the time being).

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