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Trips can be fun, but more often than not, the packing process preceding the jaunt causes an insane amount of stress. We've all been there: frenetically transferring our shampoos and conditioners into diminutive three-ounce containers, rolling our dresses into tube sock-shaped rolls, only to unravel them a day or two later and find them wrinkled and unwearable. Thankfully, a new site has arrived with the sole mission of creating a versatile range of travel essentials for the intrepid among us, and thereby making your next vacation something to actually look forward to (carry-on and all).

Hoot offers an assortment of clothing, accessories, gifting, and stationary items as eclectic as its cadre of co-founders, who hail from men's e-commerce platform Izola, Billy Farrell Agency, and Refinery29.

From left: Hunter Perfume Oil, $45, Boatneck Dress, $128, Leatherback Writer, $75, Pluma Cuff, $198;

The brand's in-house line (pictured above) aims to become what designer Patrik Rzepski dubs "limitless essentials"—the building blocks of a wardrobe that can be worn myriad ways. "Every item we make is conceptualized with versatility and utility in mind," he told InStyle. Not only are the pieces ideal for your next getaway, but they have the semblance of something you would find if you scoured your neighborhood boutique, minus the hefty price tag (the collection ranges from $48 to $209—a shockingly affordable range, likely due to Hoot's direct-to-consumer business model). What's more, each Hoot item is made in N.Y.C.'s Garment District, so Rzepski oversees the manufacturing process from start to finish.

As the antithesis to fast fashion, the brand is launching "Hoot Few of a Kind" next month, which will feature small-batch stock of both new and existing pieces, announced first to Hoot's monthly newsletter and subscriber base, so the most loyal buyers will get first dibs. "In many ways, the advent of fast fashion has taken away the romance of purchasing items with a few-of-a-kind-appeal," Rzepski said. "We want to bring that back by producing special editions of our designs on a regular basis."

Now, silently rejoice in the fact that you can shop locally-made, travel-ready items that exist in very small quantities (from the comfort of your couch, no less).

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