Love at First Site: Pictoguard Can Banish That Embarrassing Selfie from Google Search

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A few irrational fears of ours: Spiders, heights and the unflattering pictures we took in college coming back to haunt us. While we're currently in the process of facing our first two issues, we've found the ultimate game-changer to keep those cringe-worthy shots from ever resurfacing in Google search! Enter Pictoguard, an innovative site that allows you to keep sensitive content under wraps and out of the hands of future employers.

The process of completely wiping a piece of content from the web, especially in today's age of selfies and hashtags, may seem like a tall order, but Pictoguard couldn't be easier to use. After signing up for the program, simply fill out a client kit with your goals in mind, along with details of your website logins, and job start dates (if applicable), and the team of computer whizzes will go to work scouring the net for any and all negative URLs tied to your name or keyword.

Pictoguard's services will cost you. But in our opinion, getting those embarrassing images posted to Facebook (or leaked by a jealous ex) are worth every penny. Packages start at $299 for a custom analysis of your online profile, and you'll be able to address your specific needs with a Pictoguard pro either in-person, via Skype or over the phone. You can expect images and comments to be removed from websites in about a week, with positive results appearing as soon as two months, and your full Google search makeover complete in six months. You also have the option to include a Maintenance function in your package to keep any compromising content from seeing the light of day in the future, and you can rest assured that only the best and most-relevant links will appear at the top whenever you decide to Google your name. Already have a few compromising photos in mind? Head over to for more information, and to get started now!

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