Love at First Site: Find Your Best Frames Yet With Ditto

Photo: Anglo American, The Row, Stella McCartney glasses; Courtesy

The best part about going to the eye doc is getting to try on all the glasses. The worst, perhaps, is sometimes by the time you are ready to try on glasses, your eyes are dilated, you've been at the office for a while and are ready to bounce. Or, more confusing yet, you have to ask fellow customers for their opinion—strangers who might not get that in the style game of life you are slightly more Solange than Beyoncé. With all due respect to opticians, it's not an ideal shopping scenario.Enter Ditto, the site that sets itself apart from other online virtual glasses-try-on sites with some of the most refined visual imaging technology out there. Founder Kate Doerksen created Ditto in 2012 determined to make eyeglass shopping fun (or at least more convenient). "I wanted to build something that would accurately mimic the experience of looking into a mirror and seeing glasses on from all angles," Doerksen told


Along with her cofounders, one formerly of Google and the other from Nokia, they developed spot-on virtual technology that they have continued to update since launch. "We have collected enough data now that the try-on technology works on all kinds of people, ages and faces," said Doerksen. And it's easy too. In the comfort of your home, via desktop or any of your mobile devices, your first start by taking a short video of your face moving side to side (this function is built into the site). Then adjust for scale with a quick snap of you holding a credit card (or something similarly sized) against your forehead. At that point you're ready to try on the company's bounty of glasses: 1200 options from 38 cool designers.Play around (for, like, hours) with specs from up and comers Raen and Westward Leaning or mega-brands like Ray-Ban. We're partial to Anglo American, The Row and Stella McCartney's optical line (see photo at top), for which Ditto is the exclusive online carrier. Check out is a cinch once you pick your fave: Frames start at $75 and Ditto reaches out to your optometrist for your prescription. You'll receive your glasses in a few days, while returns within 90 days have a no questions asked policy.

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