Moonlight Mile
Credit: Courtesy

I was on a plane to Argentina, about to spend six-months abroad, and listened to The Rolling Stones’ Moonlight Mile on my iPod about 20 times over the course of the eleven-hour flight. I was preparing to be alone for the first time in my life—without my friends, family, and my serious-at-the-time boyfriend—and my eyes welled up as Mick sang: “Oh I’m sleeping under strange, strange skies.”

When you are that entrenched in a song, it engages all of your senses. You can hear it, you can see it—and you can smell it. Tatine, a small-batch, soy-and-vegetable-based candle line from Chicago, totally gets it—music inspired their scents. Their tisane collection has a mostly-classic-rock lineup of votives like Kashmir and Celebration Day (both Led Zeppelin), and Love that Burns (an early, bluesy, Pre-Stevie-Nicks Fleetwood Mac number), all of which take fragrance cues from the songs’ lyrics. And then there’s Moonlight Mile, a votive with an aroma that closely matches the one I’ve had in my head all these years—a little smoke, a little dew and a little hint of flowers that only bloom at night. Magical.