By Sharon Clott Kanter
Updated Sep 24, 2013 @ 6:33 pm
Julianna Margulies and Daniel Lawson
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Julianna Margulies's character Alicia Florrick on The Good Wife is one of the best-dressed on TV thanks to the handiwork of costume designer Daniel Lawson. Now, after four successful seasons dressing her—and as we gear up for the fifth season premiere this Sunday, September 29—Lawson reveals that he's not just putting together looks, he's creating them, too. He teamed up with Number 35 designer Andrea Cecile Cohen to create 35·DL, a line made for the modern professional woman. "This started because I am always looking for chic, elegant, high-end business wear," Lawson tells "On the show, I experiment with mixing strong and feminine, masculine and soft, and Andrea's line embodies that. That chic look is what inspired us to create 35·DL."

The pair originally met when Cohen sent Lawson samples for his characters to wear on the show (he ended up buying and customizing 26 pieces for Alicia [Margulies], Diane Lockhart [Christine Baranski], and Kalinda Sharma [Archie Panjabi]). “Working with Andrea is like a dream," says Lawson. "She and I challenge each other in a good way, but our visual aesthetics and our work ethics go hand-in-hand and mesh beautifully. Several pieces from the line even showed up on season four. "When I put the first piece on Julianna, she went 'This is so chic.'"

And chic is exactly the approach they took to their own collaboration. "We wanted this to have strength, but be feminine. That’s a big thing that I have been heralding on The Good Wife since Day One. It's for the professional female—both the girl starting out and dressing for where she wants to go and the mature female who has already achieved that level of power and wants to continue it." That's why he made sure the colors were powerful, too. "I felt like the solid colors would be a strong start," he explains. "When women go into the law firm, the boardroom, the courtroom, the big meeting—patterns can distract from their strength. I saw the solid as being as more powerful and creating that column of color which then translates to strength."

If you're seeking your own Alicia Florrick-approved power look, 35·DL will range between $750 and $900 for dresses, while jackets will be priced between $875 and $1,250—all available on starting February 2014. So, is this something Alicia Florrick would wear? "Absolutely," says Lawson.

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