By InStyle Staff
Updated Apr 19, 2013 @ 5:30 pm
Louise roe
Credit: Courtesy Photo

"This is probably my favorite look of the entire season. I went big hair, big earrings, big heels, and a crazy '70s jumpsuit! Charlie's Angels was definitely an inspiration this week, with a bright twist. The jumpsuit is by Paul & Joe, and I am obsessed with the color orange. Wearing it head-to-toe felt bold but scary, which is why I chose Jimmy Choo sandals to warm up the look. I wanted to add a splash of a another bold color, so I went for cobalt blue accessories. The earrings, ring, and bracelet are a mix of vintage, Kitson, and Saint Laurent. I told you last week that I like to mix up the high and low! Whatever works on the outfit is what I'll pick. Labels definitely don't matter.

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