At a Loss for Words? Let Garance Dore’s Chic Stationary Collection Do the Talking For You.

Photo: Courtesy Photo

Karl Lagerfeld once revealed his obsession with beautifully crafted paper to us. “I crave it,” he said. “I love the texture, the feel, its ability to transmit imagination.” These words came to mind when fashion illustrator Garance Dore’s first collection of stationary landed on our desks. The collaboration with Rifle Paper Co., which launches online today, marks the beginning of a series that the self-taught artist plans to continue.

There are individual cards with silver and gold foil envelopes, boxed sets with rich, heavy card stock for the avid penman –journals, notebooks and calendars for recording your thoughts and keeping track of your days (prices start at $4.50). “I realized that stationary had the power to give my art new life and as an illustrator, that’s what you dream of,” the native-Parisian told us. “The sender and receiver experience the art but physically hold sentiments in their hands.” In an age of "thank you" text messages and emails, Dore's whimsically illustrated collection will encourage you to take the time to write--maybe even at a slower pace or with more precision.

The most memorable letter Dore has ever received? “A really tender note from my Mom that I used to carry with me. I wasn’t super familiar with her handwriting because we always spoke. It's funny how the things we say in writing have a way of sticking with us.”

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