As Lori Loughlin and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, wait for their court appearance, sources close to the couple explain that friends and neighbors are starting to take a step back and distance themselves from the disgraced parents. Louhglin's neighbors in Bel Air, Calif., include a slew of parents who are huge philanthropists with children who were accepted to prominent colleges without the scandal that Loughin and Giannulli have been embroiled in. The source adds that while the couple may feel isolated now, everything hinges on the court decision — if the two aren't convicted, things will probably blow over and everything will go back to normal.

"A lot of these people are ­socially prominent, give to charities, have done the right things wealthy people are supposed to do in this town. They’re scared they might get ostracized by association," the source told Page Six. "They're calling less, inviting less. Hanging back — for now. If [Giannulli and Loughlin] are not convicted, everything will go back to the way it was. But if they are, well, they might want to move. It’s sort of Bel Air Bonfire of the Vanities."

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It's clear that Loughlin is keeping a low profile. With photographers following her every move, neighbors say that she's not doing much aside from staying home and going to church.

"Lori and Mossimo are being contemplative and spiritual right now,' a family friend told The Post. "Lori goes out a little bit, but the paparazzi follow her everywhere. She’s like a hunted animal." The friend adds that the only place that Loughlin feels completely supported is at church. Throughout the aftermath of the scandal, she's attended the Church of the Good Shepherd regularly. Outside the house of worship, however, it's a different story. Parishioners, especially ones with college-bound kids, don't want to be associated with the disgraced duo.

"The [friends and neighbors] with kids in college or kids who'll be applying to colleges next year, they're afraid an association with Lori and Mossimo — even with Olivia and Bella — might make them appear 'entitled,'" the source added. "Which is something you don't want to seem, even in Bel Air, at least, for this moment."

Page Six adds that rumors suggesting that Loughlin and Giannulli are struggling to maintain their marriage are completely false. Sources have noted that they plan on presenting a "united front" at court.

"Mossimo and Lori are still very much in love," a source said. "It's been trying for all of them, but they understand this is life and they got taken advantage of."