Lori Loughlin Is Allegedly Dealing With Crippling Anxiety

Putting on a brave face is taking its toll.

Throughout the college admissions scandal, Lori Loughlin has managed to keep a brave front for her family, the cameras, and herself. However, it looks like her perfect veneer is showing some cracks. Entertainment Tonight explains that Loughlin is dealing with a lot of anxiety and that even though she appears to have everything under control, she's in fear.

According to a source, Loughlin's "anxiety is through the roof, she is terrified, and she's been consumed with trying to put on a happy face but it's not easy under the circumstances."

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"The college scandal has been the biggest challenge of Lori's life," the source continued. "She never imagined her public persona would plummet or she could face jail time. This has affected every aspect of her life."

At first, the scandal saw the family ripped apart, with Loughlin's daughter, Olivia Jade, seemingly escaping to her boyfriend's home to get away from the fray. Now that sentencing has begun for some of the other parents involved, ET's source notes that the family is, in fact, closer than ever and leaning on each other for support as Loughlin awaits her trial. Sisters Olivia Jade and Isabella Rose are even closer than they were before the scandal and everyone is ready to show strength in numbers no matter what.

"What started as Olivia cutting herself off from her mother has been a complete turnaround," the source added. "Both girls have joined together because they both feel their mother only wanted the best for them. Her daughters are now much closer than they have ever been. At first when the news broke, it felt like her family life imploded, but the family has joined together and have built a united front. They are there for her and each other."

The source adds that the entire family is ready to move on from the scandal. Loughlin is sticking to her story, they note, insisting that she and her husband, Mossimo Giannulli, were victims of a scam.

"Lori is sticking with her story that she and her husband were scammed by Rick Singer," the source concluded. "She has claimed to friends that they always thought the money was going to a charity through the school. She says she doesn't feel for one minute they were breaking the law."

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