Lorde Invites a Smoothie Cashier to Join Her at Governors Ball

Photo: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty

Lorde is giving one fan a chance to be on her "Team" (quite literally) with the surprise of a lifetime.

Just days ago, Emely Paula was working the counter at downtown New York smoothie shop Liquiteria when one of her favorite musicians walked in the door. After a few moments of chatting, an unexpected friendship developed, courtesy of a Blue Velvet smoothie.

In a video that the starstruck 19-year-old recorded and shared on Twitter, we can hear the "Green Light" hitmaker greet and speak with the teen, who just started her job at the shop two weeks prior.

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"She made my morning," an ecstatic Paula captioned the clip, where she tells viewers, "I am shook," after meeting the Grammy winner.

That's when Emely got the DM of a lifetime, as the "Royals" songstress messaged her newfound BFF to oh-so-smoothly ask if she'd like to join her for the upcoming Governors Ball Music Festival this weekend.

Admitting that she was too "shy" to broach the question during their meeting, the New Zealand-born headliner explained, "I was gonna ask u in the store if u wanted to come but i got shy! To celebrate ur new job."

While we're still scratching our heads over the contents of a Blue Velvet smoothie, we're glad that the drink worked its magic and brought these new besties together!

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