OMG! Lorde Just Wore Juicy Couture and It Was Everything

Juicy Couture - Lead
Photo: Albert Urso/Getty

Ok so you know that "thing" you loved when you were in high school that you never quite got over? That thing that you gave up, but still think about weekly? Like, "oh, how nice would be if I only kept that super awesome blanket I took to summer camp all those years ago!" For me, that thing? It's a Juicy Couture sweatsuit. And I wanted every color of the rainbow.

But Juicy left my closet somehow, only to reappear in my mind's eye this New York Fashion Week, thanks to a new creative director (Jamie Mizrahi) and a lust-worthy collection. And like we told you weeks ago, it's not only about the sweatsuit (although guys, I still really want that sweatsuit).

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The collection has amazing dresses, pants, skirts... we took notice. So, apparently, did Lorde; a seemingly unexpected wearer of the brand, in my opinion.

Call me a crazy fashion credit ID-er if you will, but that YouTube video? That's Lorde, performing at Alexandra Palace in London, wearing the white taffeta and tulle baby doll dress that we saw earlier this month. Oh, and she's covering my favorite Phil Collins song. That's just added value.

Here she is again, singing a different tune, but I have included it for you because it gives you a better view of the dress. And that's important.

Does Lorde wearing Juicy Couture just put the official stamp of approval on this much-anticipated brand comeback? I'd argue the collection in and of itself was strong enough on its own. Check out photos from their presentation in New York to decide for yourselves.

With that said, a celebrity as cool as Lorde wearing it? Well, it could help me defend my right to wear a bedazzled velour sweatsuit to work. And for that, I say, THANK YOU LORD(E).

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