This Impersonator Duped Lorde Fans for an Entire Performance

Auckland partygoers got the surprise of their life on Monday when they were duped into believing New Zealand native Lorde would be performing live.

The weekly “No Lights, No Lycra” gathering (an anxiety-free dance party set to pitch black darkness) teased a prospective “special guest” on their Facebook event page. Considering the venue’s mood lighting (re: pitch black darkness), dancers were convinced Lorde had stopped by to perform her recent single “Green Light.”

Confusion spread when attendees realized Lorde was actually snacking on creme eggs in the U.K.

The pop singer confirmed via Twitter that she was not the performer. "This is deeply fake news but quite cute lol," she tweeted.

Apparently, the Auckland impersonator was quite convincing. Attendee Nadia Reid told the New Zealand Herald, "It was kind of weird because the PA distorted at the start. It was quite confusing what was happening. It sounded like Lorde and you could see this black figure."

The event’s organizer, Craig Neilson, took to Facebook to clear up the confusion, introducing the event’s true performer, Hannah Grace Horsfield, a music student at Auckland University.

Watch out Lorde, this girl’s got some serious pipes! Listen above.

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