By InStyle Staff
Updated Sep 08, 2014 @ 5:30 am

Whether you’re actually attending a show or just reading the recaps online, you can often tell what a person does (High-powered editor? Debut designer?) by the jewelry they’re wearing. Take a page from their style file with these modern designs from Tiffany T, Tiffany’s newest collection.


The Editor

It takes a lot to wow them—after all they’ve seen it all before. As they pour over their notebooks jotting down their observations, a bold cuff adds an air of glamour—and shows that Fashion Week isn’t all work and no play.


The Blogger

You’ll find them furiously typing on their laptop, live Tweeting the latest trends and Instagramming their favorite looks—often simultaneously. Such a fast-paced day calls for jewelry that’s functional and unfussy, like this simple, yet stunning yellow-gold square bracelet from Tiffany T.


The Style Icon

Their wardrobe choices are dissected and mimicked by many, and as public a stage as Fashion Week calls for extra effort. Modern is a must have for every icon and this gold chain necklace instantly upgrades their look—and guarantees a favorable write-up in the gossip columns.


The Designer

They’ll be backstage pinning loose fabric, straightening hems and hats and silently praying that their collection will be celebrated instead of skewered. But they still need to look polished, which is why a stack of clean, modern bracelets will always adorn their wrist.


The Celebrity

Every designer covets their attendance—and they’re almost always given a front row seat—so all eyes will definitely be on what they’re wearing. A statement-making gold chain and square bracelet adds just the right amount of effortless chic.